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Santuario di S. Maria delle Cendrole - Stele

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The building of the present church dates back to 1730 however, the legend of its ancient foundation puts the origin to the Roman age with possible cult superimposition. The bordering churches are believed as first origin and up to the 13th century housed the baptismal font of the nearby Riese. During the building works a tombstone was brought to light; it is presently rather ruined. Originally, it was reproduced by Count Jacopo Riccati in a method so that it is possible to restore the text today: L.VILONIU HH VIR PRAEF T. F. that is to say "LUCIUS VILONIUS/QUATTUORVIR PRAEFECTUS/TESTAMENTO FIERI IUSSIT" (Lucio Vilonio/Quattuorviro (Governor) Prefect/ordered that was made for testament). The inscription is datable to the I century A.C. however, there is no way of understanding what Lucio Vilonio ordered that was made. What remains of the tombstone has been set between the bell tower and the church entrance.
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