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Palazzo Balbi, Valier

Palazzo Balbi, Valier
The complex of buildings that stretch themselves along the right-hand bank of the Soligo takes its name from the noble Venetian family Balbi Valier, present in Pieve of Soligo from the end of '600. Among the Patrician family members, they remember Girolamo Maria, first deputy of Pieve of Soligo during the Austrian domination and the son Marco Giulio philanthropist and benefactor that founded charity institutes including a female orphanage in the first half of 800. The present palace by the architect Medusa dates back to 800 and substituted the previous villa in Palladian style. Passed to the Sammartini family who lived there until the end of the Second World War and of which one finds on the front of the coat of arms. On the ground floor, on the right-hand side of the palace, one found the chapel dedicated to the "Our Lady of Sorrows" substituting the ancient chapel dedicated to the peace of the "Holy Cross" collected in Palestine and handed down to the Balbi by the ancestors. In this palace, the sculptor Marta Sammartini lived and worked. Along the Borgo Stolfi, one of the most ancient areas of "Pieve del Trevisan" (so-called because it is a subject of the Treviso Commune), runs the exterior front of the adjacent Palazzo Balbi. Cellars, shops, mills. The area was subject to floods, the memorial marks of which are on the façades of the habitations.
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