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Abbazia di S. Eustachio

Abbazia di S. Eustachio
Abbazia di S. Eustachio - Veduta della fiancata
St. Eustachio Abbey is a roman age construction, that corresponds to the layout of typical benedictine abbeys. In the 11th century a.C. (existence documented from 1062) this monastic benedictine was desired and taken over by Rambaldo III count of Treviso and his mother Gisla, and belonged to this noble family for centuries later acquiring the name Counts of Collalto and St. Salvatore. In 1552 Giovanni Della Casa spent a long period of time here, and it is where he found the inspiration to write his most beautiful poems and "Etiquette", a "guide to good manners in speech and conduct". After plunder and pillage of goods during the period of Napoleon, in 1865 Nervesa Abbey was subject to secularization and suppression by Pope Pie IX's decree. The Great War sentenced its end. Armies raged, and reduced the abbey to ruins in the course of the battle of Solstitial in June 1918.
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