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Fattoria con loggiato Castelletto Brandolini

Fattoria con loggiato Castelletto Brandolini
Palace of 600 wanted by Giulio Camillo Brandolini, an army man whose family managed the feud of Valmareno and Gastaldia of Solighetto on account of the Republic of Venice from 1436 to 1797. The villa is presently listed in the official catalogue of the Venetian villas of the Treviso province; it belongs to the Arrivabene Gonzaga family and is not open to the public. The architectural complex which was reached through a steep road where the entrance was signposted by the presence of a small building with adjacent arched portal, boasting a good state of preservation today, notwithstanding the addition of some evidently subsequent parts. In the interior, beamed halls in Sansoviniano style are still present, stucco decorations, frescoes, a rich and important small chimney and other notable works of art.
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