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Fortificazioni di Ceneda
The route, running along the side of the hill dominating Ceneda, offers plenty of landscapes and natural beauties, and allows visitors to appreciate the relation between the three fortifications and the territory, underlining their strategic role in monitoring the land. The Castle of San Martino has undergone some reconstruction during the Renaissance era up to the 18th century, but still represents a conspicuous element marking the landscape. The Palasi building and the Fortress of San Paolo will attract a more science-aware crowd. From the Palasi complex, only the castle remnants, a tower and a majestic buttress belt are still visible. The Fortress of San Paolo is the widest and most complex fortification structure of the Ceneda complex, whose relics are still recognisable in the dense, surrounding wood. Since the 8th century, the Castle of San Martino hosted the Bishop's palace, and was subject to deep remodelling throughout the 18th century. Today, the Castle recalls a stately mansion and has kept some recognisable features from its medieval past, toned down and enriched by interventions during the Renaissance and modern era.
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