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Immagine Marca Storica
La porta d'accesso alla Rocca di Santa Augusta
La porta della Muda dal borgo
La torre rotonda del castello
Le mura che salgono dalla porta della Muda alla rocca del Montesel
Particolare della Torre Nera presso la rocca di S. Augusta
Marca Storica
Città murata di Serravalle
The wall remains belonged to the ancient fortification system of the I century B.C., the main fortification was situated in the Serravalle enclosure. After the first barbaric invasion by Gabriel III Da Camino, the same fortification works were reinforced and widened in order to form part of the third wall circle that reached the summit of mount Marcantone where the Turris Nigra was located, the latter structure of which is still partly visible. The origins of Serravalle Castle are long lost in time. Roman coins, found in its interior remind us that it must have been a fortified place since ancient times. It was reinforced and widened in the period of Caminese rule (1154-1335) during the domination of the Serene Highness and housed the Venice Rector of Serravalle until 1769 when the praetorian palace collapsed. The actual form is due to the loving care of the engineer named Francesco Troyer who restored it during the thirties. It also presently incorporates Fighera house on which the marks of the Italian soldier's gunshots are still visible; they were intended to drive out a nucleus of Austro-Hungarians during the last combats of the Vittorio Veneto battle.
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