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Abbazia di S. Bona

Abbazia di S. Bona
The foundation for this monastic complex is certified in a document dated in 1106. Giovanni of Vidor and other notables of the area donated Saint Mary chapel and other goods to the Benedictine monks. The Vidor monasty became the focus of commerce and pilgrimage, because "il passo barche" existed here to cross the river Piave. Among the preserved original parts are the cloister and the church. The nave has a rigorously romanic structure, while other cloister parts and other elements tend to the gothic style. The panel that decorates the second order one of the internal faces of the cloister, is probably the most important decorative fragment present in the Saint Bona Abbey. The fresco depicts the Madonna and Child on the throne between St. Giovanni Battista and St. Gerolamo that introduces the Benedictine brothers. Due to its high quality the fresco was for some time attributed to Giotto. However it is most probably the work of Dario of Treviso (Pordenone 1420 cir.- Conigliano after 1498). Not to be forgotten are the stone elements from the St. Cristoforo's 200 century fresco fragment, and the installation of the saint Egyptian altar-piece, to whom this building is dedicated to and in memory of the First Crusade that saw the participation of Giovanni da Vidor.
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