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Route: Marca Storica

Parco del Piave a Bigolino

Parco del Piave a Bigolino
It is a broad zone spread out on the left bank of the river; it is one between the zone of mainly naturalist interest of the entire course of the Piave. It has resurging brooks and mirrors of water, fed by the ground waters of the neighbouring Prealpi Trevigiane chain and by the ground waters of sub-river bed originated from the drainage waters of Colli Asolani. The people of the area know the "Settolo basso" by the name of "Fontane Bianche", unties itself in a context of thriving vegetation where the nonexpert eye also feels the swarm of life that this place guests. The water is the main element and one can observe faunal and floral species typical of humid areas. Covering the didactic path, one can encounter dwarf heron or the pale grey heron (stilt-bird of the heron family) arriving here to fish in the neighbouring Pederobba woodswamp where they nest.
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