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Chiesa Arcipretale con campanile

Chiesa Arcipretale con campanile di Spresiano

Built on the remains of the old church destroyed by the bombardment of the Great War, the present archdeaconry church was consecrated by Monsignor Beccegato, the Bishop of Ceneda, on 6th June 1925. It is the work of the Venetian architect named Lorenzo Rinaldi. The church is in the Renaissance style of the Latin cross, of three aisles with intercolumniation and dome in the transept. The following are preserved in the interior: two little paintings portraying Saint Peter and Paul attributed to Pordenone (XVI century), frescoes by Jacopo Guarana (late follower of Tiepolo approximately 1760) on the ceiling of the central aisle, the Mount of the Crucifix by Lattanzio Querena (1842), the Mount of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary by Leonardo Gavagnin (1847), the Mount of Saint Anthony by Amedeo De Lorenzi (1854), the etchings of the Way of the Cross by Giuseppe Graziosi (1920) and the Holy Trinity by Gian Maria Lepsky (1929). The bell tower was constructed at the end of 1940, standing at a height of seventy meters.

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