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Castello di S. Zenone

Torre degli Ezzelini
Resti delle fondazioni relative al mastio ezzeliniano
Particolare dell'interno della cripta
Ezzelino III (called the dictator) obtained Saint Zenone Castle in heritage from his father. In a few years, he became the most important Ghibelline of Veneto so that a crusade against him was announced. Bloody years of conflict and fratricidal killings followed. After the death of Ezzelino III in 1259, the Trevigiani and their allied overcame the Sanzenonese stronghold in 1260 in order to make them pay the brother Alberico "the Ezzelino faults". The slaughter of the Ezzelini took place in the castle. Alberico and his family were besieged for four months and in the end they took refuge in the castle tower, worn out, they surrendered after four days. Alberico saw the slaying of his six male sons, his wife and daughters raped and then burned alive. He was tied up to a horse's tail and dragged barbarically along the valley floor. Both his martyred body and that of his son were burnt in the square of Carrubbio in Treviso. The Ezzelini Castle was completely destroyed by the victors, only the small church remained. The present tower was built in the XIV century.
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