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Capitello e oratorio del Beato Enrico da Bolzano

Capitello e oratorio del Beato Enrico da Bolzano
From the western geographic limit of the Parish Church of Biancade stands a votive temple, better known as the "chiesetta del Beato Enrico" ("chiesetta del Beato Enrico" means little church of the Blessed Henry). The locality has this name because popular tradition affirms that there was the house of the Blessed Enrico da Bolzano in that place. Enrico da Bolzano was born at around 1250 and he was a lumberjack by trade. At that time, the area was rich of forests and supplied prime material and the possibility of occupation. The date of his transfer to Biancade is unknown. Known as a particularly loving person, he spent much time in prayer. He lost his wife and son and spent his last years of life in Treviso in great poverty, between vigils and extreme penitence, loved by the people and famous for making prodigies. It is said that at his death occurring in June 1315, all the bells started to play by themselves. The small church of the "Blessed Henry" was built starting from 16th October 1912 and blessed on 10th June 1914. Enrico da Bolzano is particularly invocated to obtain abundance of the fruits of the earth and in the dry summer times or to distance hailstorms and violent downpours.
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