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Chiesa di S.Maria di Castello a Biancade (S. Valentino)

Chiesa di S.Maria di Castello a Biancade (S. Valentino)
The name of the locality comes from the fact that an ancient castle existed in the place, today it has disappeared but is documented by archaeological findings, probably built in Roman age on the site of a more ancient "castelliere" of the Bronze or early Venetian age. This ancient structure was set above an elevation of the earth, still well visible to the east of the present church, further on from the Musestre River and was delimited by a series of canals that, still today, design geometrical rhomboidal and semicircular shapes on the earth. Above this area, defensive embankments of a possible village existed that have been levelled not many decades ago and now they are only confirmed by cadastral comment. Of high medieval original (1231), the church was rebuilt in the sixteenth-century. The erection of the bell tower is dated to 1560, as attests a tombstone that recorded the date on it. The interior is bare, except for an artistic wooden altar painted in blue and gold of the XVI century and some extracts of valuable fresco brought to light following a general restoration occurring in the last decade of the twentieth-century. According to tradition, it was the church that Blessed Enrico da Bolzano frequented; his wife and son Lorenzo are buried there.
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