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Insediamento abitativo età del bronzo in loc. Castelliero

Notwithstanding that it is badly altered by the construction of buildings of the modern age, the quadrangular framework of the ancient "aggere" is still well recognisable and approximately 120/130 meters wide. At present, it shows itself with a height of approximately 1.5 meters on the average ground level however, it shows some evidence of the seniority of the place as they wanted it to have a height of at least 3 meters, this until the second world war: ploughing, filling and levelling have reduced it to its present conditions. It corresponds with a habitation which is datable to between the Recent Bronze Age (approximately 1300 B.C.) and part of the Final Bronze Age (1150- 1000 B.C.) in common with two other similar structures found in Castellana and in neighbouring Piedmont. Fragmented ceramic materials have mainly been found: blackish cups, large jars, vase lids and biconical containers. A layer of carbonised blackish scraps has also been found.
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