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Santuario di S. Francesco da Paola

Santuario di S. Francesco da Paola
A Sanctuary built in around 1700 in the places where the medieval castle of Monte Fiascone (1283) stands, by the Archdeacon Monsignor Giandomenico Cumano in honour of Saint Francis da Paola, a Franciscan monk, who was the founder of the Minimi Order. He was born in 1416 and died in France in 1507. The church is accessible by following a paved footpath, flanked by 12 capitals of the Stations of the Cross. The large square in front of the sanctuary is bound by a support wall decorated by seven arches that hold the cells that served as an infirmary for the sick who suffered from the plague. The tomb of the founder who died in 1725 and works by Francesco dall'Oglio and other unknown authors are in the interior.
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