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Chiesa Arcipretale con campanile

Chiesa arcipretale con campanile

It is the most important cult building of the city, positioned on the left bank of the Soligo called "Pieve del Contà" (because subject to the Contadi di Cison and Collalto). The first attestation of the church, dedicated to Saint Maria dates to 18th September 1192. The ancient parish church in Romanic style and to the unique aisle had the façade facing towards the Soligo River; it was demolished in 1924 to make room for the present building. The ancient bell tower, by then dangerous, was demolished together with the church. The new building, the first stone of which was placed on 9/9/1906, was due to the architect Domenico Rupolo that designed it in neo-Romanic style. During the First World War, the works were interrupted and the church was consecrated in 1924. The façade, in decorative bricks, shows a big rose
and a tribune with five pinnacles "a tempietto" on the portal, the interior has three aisles, and it is enriched with accurate pictorial decorations in renaissance style by Ferdinando Forlati. The main aisle is supported by a series of narrow arched pillars, above the lateral aisles the galleries run through small arches. In the interior, the eighteen-century altar by Bortolo Bettamelli stands out, the altarpiece of the  Assumption of Maria" by Francesco da Milano dated 1540, the "Virgin With Baby Jesus" sculpture and the frescoes by Marta Sammartini, the sculptural group of the "Crucifixion" and the statute of Saint Anthony by G. Possamai. On the right-hand aisle, there is the tomb of Giuseppe Toniolo.

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