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Route: Marca Storica

Mura della Bastia - Onigo

Veduta panoramica dei ruderi del dongione e della "torre"
La "torre" da ovest
Panoramica del dongione con la cisterna in primo piano
Panoramica del presunto "castellaro" con la cinta più esterna
They are the remains of a medieval castle dating back to the XII century. The fortified complex seems to have been taken from Ezzelino III from Romano to Onigo. At the end of the Ezzeliniano period, the castle became the property of Treviso Council. After a long trial between the Council and the Onigo, the castle was returned to Giovanni from Onigo in 1266 who rebuilt his house on two floors with a curtain in front of the cistern used for its security. The castle has always represented a strategic stronghold on the Piave valley. It was important in the war against Count Gorizia (July 1313), it became determinant when, during the course of the Venetian-Veronese war, the Trevisans were expecting reinforcements from the Duke of Corinzia right through that direction. On that occasion, the castle was strengthened in "Bastia" playing a military role determinant between the 16th and the 19th October 1386. It was observatory and position to control the Piave in the First World War. Since 1994, there has been researches and restoration to the structures, aimed at recovering the castle phisionomy and to specify the historical moments that interested this strategic area for much time.
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