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Stele della chiesa di S. Giovanni - Piazza Castello

Veduta esterna della chiesa di San Giovanni
Veduta esterna della chiesa di San Giovanni
Stele della chiesa di San Giovanni
The Parish Church dedicated to Saint John the Baptist already illustrates a history that is a lot more ancient and mysterious than other religious buildings in the area from the exterior. Its architectural structure is traced to pre-1000, both for the layout of the church and the distinct medieval aspect and for the design of the bell tower built in an age in which the military needs also conditioned religious works. Thanks to recent archaeological and restoration works, it was possible to precisely state that the church has an origin that is prior to the medieval era because it was built on an early Christian temple as attest the splendid remains of the altar and the basement of the first apse. The presence of a Roman funeral stone mounted on the façade of the church allows further hypothesis that the Christian temple stands on a place of pagan cult. During the invasion of the Hungarians in the X century, a castle was built on an elevation to defend the inhabitants, "motta" (artificial elevation at the convergence of the Monticano River and the Livenza). In 1089, the castle became the feud of the "Da Camino" lords who dominated for approximately 300 years. In the meantime, in the name of the ancient "motta", it was commonly used to designate this locality as well as the castle that from then on was called "Motta" or "La Motta". 1291 was a decisive year for the history of these places when the "Da Camino" lords decided to donate the castle, land and inhabitants to the Republic of Venice.
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