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Route: Marca Storica

Odierna strada tra Fontigo e Moriago della Battaglia

Odierna strada tra Fontigo e Moriago della Battaglia
The trail does not follow the path of Via Claudia Augusta, the Roman road which started in Fontigo, ran along a dust road near the centre of Moriago della Battaglia, and joined the provincial road to Nosledo, Bosco and Vidor. According to Alessio De Bon, a trail reached Moriago and Mosnigo in 1935, and a 'Roman sepulchrum' had been found near Moriago in the Campo di Feltre land, which hosted 'seven tile-covered graves' and 'a complete funerary set, with bronze weapons, needles, terracotta vases'. Moriago (which would become known as 'Moriago della Battaglia' in 1962) has returned all the relics form the Bronze Age, as well as Roman remnants dating back to the times when the land between the Rosper creek and Le Rive was divided into equal plots of land. In the Middle Ages, Moriago became part of the belongings of the Camino family, who erected a fortification with what had remained from a tower, visible from the Parish Church. Land recovery works of the Vidor Abbey were also of considerable importance.
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