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Abbazia del Pero

Casa del Soldato
An historical document makes reference to the presence of a river port called "Portus Pirensis", such denomination is of uncertain origin and some historians believe it is due to the presence of a small tributary of the Meolo River called "Pero". Others have attributed such denomination to the colour of specific plants that colonised this place that is largely woodland. The document in question bears the date 13/1/880 however; one can easily presume that the existence of the said Port dates back to at least the previous century. A document of little following confirms the foundation date of the Benedictine abbey of Pero as 958. Built by the German emperor Ottone I, it was firstly named as Saint Peter Apostle and subsequently as Saint Maria. Practically destroyed by the Hungarians during their invasion in 1000, it knew periods of prosperity and decadence until a bull by Pope Nicolas V in 1449 abolished the priorship of it and joined it to the Benedictine Abbey of Saint George Maggiore in Venice. It was abolished in the Napoleonic period by a provision that struck the major part of the religious orders, passed to State property, then to Austria House and subsequently, with a large part of its possessions to the Ninni House and their heirs.
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