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Route: Marca Storica

Il Castello di Crespignaga

In the site of the castle of Crespignaga at the moment there are no visible traces of ancient constructions. However the well established local traditions and the important documentary sources we have testifies its existence. It is right in the historical sources that we find numerous descriptions of the fortification: the general structure of the complex can be reconstructed quite accurately. We have certain news about the castle since 1168. A wider castle wall, accessible through a bridge, included the "dongione" (which includes all the inhabiting structures of the noble family), inside which the "house of Bonifacino" was established, a residence having the characteristics of a high-class house united by the characteristics of a military fortress. All around the castle walls were the "frata", an intricated stretch of land purposely kept closelyplanted, to make more difficult the approaching of aggressors.
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