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Route: Marca Storica

Rocca di Cornuda

Rocca di Cornuda
The area where the fortification once stood is today occupied by a sanctuary. What remains of the fortress is limited to some rocks, employed in the construction of two buildings near the altar. However, there is considerable evidence showing that the original location of the fortress was on the hilltop. After 1150, evidence shows that the place was occupied by the prisons of Cornuda, where some opponents of Ezzelino III had been kept. From 1315 and 1316, the fortress was described as a strategic point by several written papers of Treviso City Council. This was one of the most exceptional lookout posts of North-Eastern Veneto, offering excellent views from Valsugana and Bassano down to the River Piave valley and the Quero dam, to the entire Piave district from Vidor to Pieve di Soligo; in clear days, the Venice Laguna is visible in the distance.
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