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Casa Museo del Cima

Casa del Clima
The Conegliano and neighbouring territories archaeological findings are gathered in two exhibiting areas: Cima House and the archaeological section of the Museum of the Castle. The findings, result from a surface collection, for the most part belonging to a time period between the Neolithic-Aeneolithic (4000 B.C.) and Roman age (I century B.C. - I century A.C.). This is except for a mastodon tooth of the third Era (65,000,000 - 2,000,000 years ago) unearthed in Monticella and some flint handiworks of the mid Paleolithic (200,000 - 35,000 B.C.) of the Susegana area. The recent Bronze Age (XIII century B.C.) is the most documented aspect especially in the ceramic materials of Cima House: urns, sedans, cups, carinate, bowls and vases with broad rims, typically related to the Padano aspect of the recent Bronze Age.
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