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Chiesa arcipretale di S. Maria Assunta

Chiesa arcipretale di S. Maria Assunta
Defined as the most beautiful eighteenth-century church of the Vittorio Veneto dioceses, it consists of a unique decoration due to the precious marble, the stuccowork, the statues that decorate and the remarkable cycle of paintings that it contains. Built at the time of the archdeacon don Domenico Salomoni that managed the parish from 1683 to 1702, it was consecrated by Bishop Lorenzo Da Ponte on the 31st May 1746. Two façades are presented to the west where three statues by Marco Casagrande (1804 1880) symbolising Faith, Hope and Charity decorate the main entrance and the eastern façade decorated in the middle with the statue of the patron Saint John the Baptist and on both sides with Prudence and Justice, Strength and Temperance. It only has one aisle measuring 35 meters (the presbytery included) by 15 meters in width. On the central wall behind the altar, the Assumption of the Virgin by Egidio Dall'Oglio (1705 - 1784) in 1753 stands out. The church was named after the depiction. Of high esteem is the organ work (no. 153) of the year 1779 by Gaetano Callido, recently restored.
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