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Route: Marca Storica

Castello Brandolini Colomban

Facciata del palazzo cinquecentesco
Cortile settecentesco
Capitello medievale
Bastione rotondo veneziano
Panorama di Cison
The building contain 2000 years of history within its walls, the first fortification goes back to the Roman age, erected to control and defend the ancient Via Imperial Claudia Augusta, it develops through the Medieval era until it becomes a Lombard fortress, subsequently turning into an elegant residence for important military and noblemen. In the XV century, the castle passes under Serene Highness control, that donates it to Giovanni Brandolino and Erasmo from Narni for army merits to the captains of venture, known by the name of Gattamelata, it remained the property of the Brandolini Counts until 1959, the year in which it was given to the Salesiani fathers. From 2002 and thanks to a detailed and accurate restoration, the marvellous building has been restored to its antique splendours.
Servizi per il cittadino

Servizio di competenza regionale