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Route: Marca Storica

Passo San Boldo - Strada dei Cento Giorni

Formed on an ancient Roman path, equipped with lookout towers, some going back to the Byzantine period, it has been used through the centuries by wayfarers and merchants going in the Bellunese area, by shepherds for transhumance, by the religious in votive pilgrimage going to Spain and Portugal and return path for the "Zattieri" who were going down the Piave. During the IX century, new demands backed up the necessity to build a carriageable and smooth path, petitions were only granted in 1914, thanks to a wide availability of labours. The project and the direction of works were entrusted to the engineer Giuseppe Carpenè (1839-1929) who employed 500 repatriated immigrants from 1914 to 1916; he made the first passageway of the present path. During the First World War, strategic reasons motivated the Austrian engineers to complete the work in a short space of time instead and the IV Army placed the construction on the road in January 1918 making the 5 galleries that still characterise it today. The realisation was tactically linked to the offensive plans foreseen for the middle of June '18 (operation Albrecht on the Piave front and operation Radetzky for Grappa and the plateaus). The employment of about 7000 workers will allow the Austrian-Hungarian to respect of the time forecast. In June '18, the road was inaugurated "the road of the 100 days".
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