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Villa Tiepolo Passi

Villa Tiepolo Passi
Built by Almorò Tiepolo, Procurator of Saint Mark, Senator of the Serene Highness Republic at the end of the year 500, it passed to the Conti Passi de Preposulo (ancient family with origins from Bergamo - 970 A.C.) in 1850. The name of the locality and castle should testify the pre-existence of an early Venetian castle keeper; the strategic position and the orientation (thistle), the rampart of the Villa was thought to be a Roman fortification; becoming a medieval tax later on. The site in question is an ancient point conspicuous of plain, equidistant (3 km) from the Sile River to the south, from Treviso to the west and from via Claudia Augusta to the east; furthermore, the long gallop, still intact, from Via Callalta is framed by the Villa, the Dolomites tower above the city of Belluno. Built in Venetian baroque style, Tiepolo Passi Villa was enlarged and embellished in the centuries that followed. In the main hall and on the arcades of the noble floors there are frescoes from the XVII century by Pietro Antonio Cerva Bolognese. The garden is of Italian style with a fishpond in the center, romantic parks on the sides with pathways, mounds, grottoes and secular trees. On the southeast side of the garden, there is an oratory of the XVIII century with frescoes by G.B. Canal (1745 - 1825). The chapel is dedicated to the Madonna of the Rosary, protector of the Venetian navy in the battle of Lepanto, the Turkish defeated on the 7th October 1571. Pope Pius VI granted plenary indulgence on the second Sunday of October. Saint Pius X, Vittorio Emanuele III, Cardinal Agostini, Cadorna generals and Diaz were guests at Villa Passi. It is presently the residence of the Passi family and registered office of an agricultural and farming company.
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