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Primavera del Prosecco Doc 2009


When the hills are filled with colours and aromas, you know it’s time to try out the wines from the latest vintage. Springtime sees the “wine festival” and the various shows from Valdobbiadene to Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto that mark the “official” unveiling of these wines to the public. The “Primavera del Prosecco” – or “Prosecco Springtime” – is an umbrella initiative that gathers together all of the Prosecco events in the local area.
It is a time of celebration and coming together that involves the entire zone. For some time the Province of Treviso has been the main sponsor of this wine tourism festival that takes its name from Treviso’s famous sparkling white nectar. Along with other events and schemes, it is part of the tourism marketing project put together by the provincial body to promote and protect traditional local products.

“This festival in the Treviso area is known throughout Italy. It is a wonderful opportunity for the entire Altamarca area, where Prosecco DOC is made, both regarding tourism (every year it attracts more than 250,000 visitors to the province, many of whom come from Germany and Northern Europe) and for winemakers. We focus on ideas linking DOC products to food, the beauty of the landscape and a range of artistic and cultural activities: shows, fairs and other happenings,” explains the President of the Province of Treviso, Leonardo Muraro. “Successful promotion events for traditional products such as this one anticipated and acted upon the popularity of wine tourism: the area also makes a name for itself through its flagship wine, Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOC. In addition, every year the Province of Treviso is present with a stand for its Road Safety project, because we want to emphasize the fact that “Drinking Quality Products” and “Road Safety” go hand in hand. The custom in the Veneto region of enjoying a glass of good wine must go together with consideration of the effects of alcohol on drivers. Awareness of one’s personal limits when consuming alcohol before taking control of any kind of vehicle is essential, especially when one looks at the statistics: more than 50% of road traffic accidents are caused by excessive alcohol intake. On the stand, trained staff provide visitors to the event with information on the problems related to drink driving and the penalties laid down by the Highway Code. On request they also offer breathalyser tests; last year they carried out more than 6,000. Talking about the “Primavera del Prosecco”, the recognized denomination of “Prosecco” is being extended to all of its historical producers, whether they are from Treviso or not. The Province of Treviso is already working on a territorial marketing project to protect the local origins of this DOC wine. It will start with a competition to come up with a new name for the event that immediately conjures up images of the delightful Treviso area and the production of the inimitable Valdobbiadene–Conegliano DOC Prosecco. However, I would also like to remind everyone that there are other wines of an equally high calibre alongside their more famous relative, which is now known throughout Italy and the world. Besides Superiore di Cartizze, we should not forget Verdiso, the Colli di Conegliano wines and niche products such as Torchiato di Fregona and Refrontolo Passito DOC.”


Treviso, 14/05/2009

Ufficio Stampa - President Staff

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