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Chiesa Arcipretale con campanile

Chiesa arcipretale con campanile

The Parish Church named after Our Lady of the Assumption stood in approximately 1300. During the XVI/XVIII centuries, it underwent numerous re-managements, losing the peculiar characteristics of its original medieval and renaissance structure to assume its present neoclassical aspect, between 1790 and 1799, the years in which it was completely rebuilt. In the interior, a baptismal font of 1422, the date carved in gothic characters around the ring-like basin of the monolithic font of grey stone ballasted by hand and probably of Feltrine origin. Amongst the paintings there includes: a "Saint Venanzio" by U. Oppi (1899-1946) and "Jesus among the Doctors" by A. Ridolfi (1500-1571). Real treasures are the mount of the "Carmine Madonna among Saint Rocco and Saint Sebastian" and the "Expressions of Saint Gioacchino and Saint Anna" by Paris Bordon (XVI), the "Saint John between Saint Girolamo and Saint Anthony Abate" by Palma il Giovane and a portrait of "Saint John Barbarigo" by the painter Rosalba Carriera (1675-1757), believed to be the most reliable image of the Saint. Behind the main alter, there is a precious mount of the "Assumption of the Blessed Virgin" by Beccaruzzi (1482) whilst on the ceiling and above the main entrance, there are Licini frescoes. The grandiose altar of the Madonna is in baroque style in Carrara marble with inlay of African marble and ancient green enriched by the small black statutes of Sansovino. The architect Francesco Maria Preti built the bell tower in neo sixteenth-century style in the years 1743 - 1767.

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