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Route: Marca Storica

Veduta del centro storico dalla chiesa di S. Floriano

Veduta del centro storico dalla chiesa di S. Floriano
The first sight draws Marconi Square with the Loggia of the market, now the town hall. This building is the result of two different elements: the loggia with the Tuscan style columns (1839) and the main floor added in 1873. To the left of the Town Hall, the imposing mass of the neoclassical Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption with the valuable bell tower (1743 - 73 m. high) in neo sixteenth-century style, to the right the "Ancient Commercial Café". Looking to the left, one can see Villa Piva, known by the name of Villa dei Cedri, office of the national exhibition of champagnes (presently Forum of the champagnes). Following still to the left, one can distinguish the bell tower of the Saint Peter of Barbozza fraction, independent Commune until 1929. Towards the south, one finds the communal Stadium and the ex Piva shoe factory with its high chimney. Besides the cemetery, one can appreciate the structure of Morona House with the noble Chapel. Going beyond the Bigolino fraction (frombigollum, small embarkation for goods ferries), in the background, the profile of Montello is visible and all the landscape supporting vineyards to form a precious lacework from the suggestive beauty.
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