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Route: Marca Storica

Probabile tracciato della Via Claudia Augusta

Probabile tracciato della Via Claudia Augusta
Via Claudia was formed in 15 B.C. by Druso who started the military campaign to conquer Resia with his brother Tiberio. It was finished in 47 A.C. by the emperor Claudio from which it took its name. The via started from Altino, port on the Venetian lagoon and reached up to the present day Donauworth, coming up through the valley of the Piave River, Brenta, Adige. It surpasses the Resia passage, climbing down along the valley of the Inn and of the Lec until reaching the right hand bank of the Danube. With its 520 Km. (350 milia passuum), it directly linked the Po plain with that of the Danube. It represents an anterior road of modern Europe. It was established as a military road and it also remained the main road of European links in the subsequent centuries. Many testimonies on the format of the ancient road continue to emerge even though the most famous is still the milestone Tenna road. It was probable that Valdobbiadene was interested by the passage of this artery in the most western part of the present territory, nearby the Piave main street. In fact, there is evidence of the existence of a "castrum" (fortification) and an outline of Roman pavement (Strada Codolà) still exists today. The remains of an aqueduct have also been found, reasonably datable to around 100 B.C.
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