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Villa dei Cedri

Villa dei Cedri
The building was built in around 1800 as spinning-twisting mill and residence of the Bottoia family. In 1818, Pietro Piva arrived in Valdobbiadene, expert silk weaver, of Saint Martin of Lupari origin with the assignment of sorting out the laboratory, which entered into crisis at the beginning of the Austrian domination. In 1840, the factory was restored and the east wing was added. In the subsequent years, with arrival of skilled workers and the impressive industrial Piva address, the building is no longer able to contain the machinery and the company has transferred to the stables of the Counts of Collato. At the beginning of the '900, Cedri Villa assumed the present aspect and became the residence of the Piva family up to and until the middle of the century. For forty years, it has been the prestigious office of the "National Champagne Exhibition". Presently, it is the Altamarca office, exhibition organisers and transformed into "Forum of the Champagnes" from 2005. Recently, it has been restructured and brought back to its original splendour. It is used for congresses and pictorial and photographic exhibitions. In the month of September, is park houses events which are linked to the Forum of the Champagnes.
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