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Chiesa parrocchiale con campanile di S.Vito

Chiesa parrocchiale con campanile di S.Vito
A document of 1223 and a "decima" by Boniface VIII attests the existence of the church from the XI century. In 1240, born in Saint Vito Nicolò Bocassino, became Pope Benedict XI (1303), poisoned after less than a pontificate year. At the end of 1200, a long period of abandonment and shortage provoked by flood and pillaging began over the entire area. This period finished at around the XVI century with the arrival of the Serene Highness and the consequent settlement of the "Regoliere of Saint Mark". In the second half of the same century, the restructuring of the church of Saint Vito and saint Modesto began that saw the addition of the two lateral aisles in 1884. It was destroyed during the First World War and was reconstructed in 1921; the bell was erected two years later. It is said that the church guarded a valuable painting of circa 1500/1600 representing the meeting of Pope Benedict XI with the mother and of which there is no longer any trace.
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