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Route: Marca Storica

Lago di S. Maria

Lago di S. Maria
Frequented since the Neolithic, the two lakes of Saint Maria and Saint George between the communes of Revine Lake and Tarzo are linked by an isthmus and are the residue of a more vast lake formed by one of the branches of the glacier of the Piave during the various phases of the last glaciations. A good part of the ancient basin that was extended up to the morainic accumulation at Gai (Cison of Valmarino), given the low profundity it was filled in with marshy deposits and for drainage works already in prehistoric and Roman age. Valsana was an important place of transit for the Romans then subsequently devastated during the barbaric invasions. The two lakes give life to the Soligo River, affluent on the left bank of the Piave and are an important naturalistic site with numerous marshes and extended peat bogs. The areas equipped with public green by the communes of Lake Revine and Tarzo are different. The most interesting is the "Va dee femene"area, passage (between the reed thickets) of the women, from the fact that the washerwomen used to meet here other than being a summer meeting place for the villagers. One finds the "Va dee femene" in Colmaggiore of Tarzo, on the south bank of Saint Maria Lake. From here, a beautiful long walk along the banks of the lake unfolds and not far in the isthmus between the two lakes, one finds the archaeological remains of a lake-dwelling village.
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