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Oratorio di S. Anna - Sesto Ponticello

Oratorio di S. Anna - Sesto Ponticello
Oratorio di S. Anna - Strada di accesso
The presence of a church dedicated to Saint Maria of Marcadello, built along the outline of the Imperial Roman roads, finds trace in a donation drawn up on 2nd September 1265. The ancient presence of a cult place, in a scattered zone of the flows of the Soligo River into the Piave, is associated to the commercial flows that existed for centuries in the Marcadello locality, now called the Mercatelli. In the second half of the XV century, Mattea Collalto, noble of the church, embellished and enlarged it. The dedication to Saint Anna is of eighteenth-century age, accompanying a possible restoration. An oil painting by Francesco Pagani da Milano was preserved in it (now in the "Bailo" Civic Museum of Treviso), replaced in the church by a photographic copy in July 2006. In front of the oratory, with access made easier by some little steps, the arch of a small bridge of Roman age is visible although filled in.
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