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Chiesa Parrocchiale di Collalto dedicata a S. Giorgio

Chiesa Parrocchiale di Collalto dedicata a S. Giorgio
A first church that was attested in Collalto in a testamentary bequest in 1138, a few years after the hypothesised building of the castle (1110). In the centuries, Collalto has guested churches dedicated to Saint George and to Prosdocimo, burial places of the women of noble birth. In 1851, the building of a big church started, consecrated in 1857 by Bishop Manfredo Bellati. Destroyed during the Great War, Saint George Church was rebuilt between 1926 and 1927 on the design of the architect Domenico Ruolo. The church preserves works by Guido Pini and Bepi Modolo. In 2002, an electric organ was placed behind the main altar.
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