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Chiesa parrocchiale di Falzè di Piave

Chiesa parrocchiale di Falzè di Piave
The first testamentary of a cult building in this place is dedicated to Bishop Martino of Tours and subordinate from the parish of Soligo dating back to 1246. Between 1596 and 1607, the medieval church quickly raised to parish church (1584) was substituted by a new building consecrated by Bishop Marcantonio Mocenigo that modified it by adding the lateral aisles, surviving until 1918. Between 1923 and 1925, it was decided to rebuild the new church placing it by the original position near to the bank of Piave, in an elevated position in the nucleus of the interior of the new town, it was also modified following the definitive decline of the river port. In the interior of the church, there is a marble niche of the XVI century, placed in a precious baptismal font manufactured in stone. The frescoes of the apse are the works of the painter Giuseppe Modolo.
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