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Route: Marca Storica

Torre di Rai

Torre e motta di Rai
Torre di Rai
It was probably built during the course of the XIV century, the residual element of an articulated fortified system - a fortification -, which could have been the most prestigious nucleus, together with Turris and Platinium, stronghold and high-class dwelling. The tower ruins stand on an artificial elevation raised by 4 -5 meters on the surrounding plain not very far from the left bank of the Piave, at the junction between a direction called "Ongaresca". The latter was frequented by cattle merchants coming from Friuli, at least from the XVII century to the XIX century that joined the ford of fountains on the Livenza with that of Stabiuzzo on the Piave. Over the decades, the building was reduced to two stumps; it was almost entirely preserved until 1918. It was booby-trapped and blown up by the Austrians who were retreating in November '18 to prevent its military use, it went into ruin due to a violent hurricane on 15th February 1925.
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