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Chiesa della Caminada

A primitive church of the Saint Polo of Piave Parish erected in 1212. It is of simple rectangular workmanship and it preserves a frescoe of the XV century representing the so said "Madonna of the Caminada" in its interior, of unknown author and font of huge popular devotion. The decorated hexagonal pillar of Roman origin is of notable interest, found in the Caminada locality, now used to support the holy water inside the church, the only finding of Roman origin accessible to visitors in Saint Polo. In April 1934, during the excavation works for the establishment of new vineyards in the farm of Caminada adjacent to the church, at a depth of one meter two big bronze vases and an iron axe presumably dated to the Tène age (IV-I century B.C.) were found. Another finding, just as important, was found thirty years before, when still in the same farm a big vase came to light with the point of the spade containing 586 bronze coins (575 Sesterce e 11 Asses) coins now preserved at the Correr Museum of Venice were found. (Coins dated: from Augusto 23 B.C. - 14 A.C. to the two Filippi 244-248 A.C.)
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