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Chiesa parrocchiale

Chiesa parrocchiale di Roncade
Campanile della chiesa parrocchiale di Roncade

The Roncade parish church, dedicated to All Saints, was completed in its present aspects from 1559. Previously, there was a smaller construction of fifteenth-century style with a colonnade in the façade, constructed on land previously owned by the counts of Collalto and
then by the Benedictine Abbot of Nervesa. In 1527, the Giustinians, that had obtained the patronage on the Roncade church from Pope
Clement VII, they began to enlarge and embellish it. The interior is baroque and includes an important pictorial cycle illustrating Venice in
the 700. The lockets representing Mosè and David (1749), the sacrifice of Melchisedech (1751 in the core), the Annunciation, the Visitation, Christ under the Cross, Saint Nicholas of Bari and Saints and the frescoes representing the Faith, the Religion, the Peace, the Church are attributed to Francesco Zugno, considered the best follower of Tiepolo. Other lockets are of the same school.

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