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Aree archeologiche le Motte sec. XI a.C.

Le Motte are the most ancient and greatest proofs that man existed in the city of Castello in Godego up until the bronze age. It is a wide embankment of notable archeological interest for its uniqueness in Italy, and for its particular function of religious site with solar and astronomical aspects. The site is made up of a square-sided bank some metres high, with the arched summits facing the cardinal points. On the basis of the measurements by M. Rizzi (1879), an area of about 55.680 sqm. (232 x 240), slightly higher than the flat countryside, is within it. Research of surfaces made in 1970- 1980 by the Historic Archeological Group of Castelfranco Veneto and Godego Castle, have seen the recovery, as a result of some agricultural works, of some brick fragments of bricks from the roman age, in an north-west external area and of a consistent number of findings, mostly dating back to the middle recent bronze era (1400-1100 b.C circa) in another external area facing north-east.
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