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Route: Marca Storica

Castelar di Rover

Panoramica del colle del Castelàr da sud (da Cuniàl)
Particolare dei resti della cinta del castello al momento dello scavo
Castelàr of Possagno was already well fortified" in 1164 with the main tower of ten metres in height. The site was taken care of by the Rovers, a high-class family of Germanic origin whom probably rose up in Italy at around the year 1000. The Rover properties and the fortresses extended themselves up to Treviso, Tovena and Sernaglia however, the Possagno site maintained a strict autonomous administration. The first nucleus house of Possagno stood next to the castle: the Cunial and Rover villages; they found the possibility of life at the nearby mountain pass of Saint Justine, thanks to the water sources in the flows by and for the mountain that supplied relief to the flocks and herds. Castelàr of Rover was conquered and destroyed in 1388, together with the other Piedmont fortresses by the Carraresi armies of Padua who were committed to extending their territories over the entire marchland of Treviso.
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