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Chiesa parrocchiale di Solighetto - S. Maria Immacolata

Chiesa parrocchiale di Solighetto - S. Maria Immacolata
The first attestation of the church of Solighetto, situated on the site of the present parish church, dates back to 1177; it was dedicated to Saint Andrea. At the beginning of 800, the church was called "angusta e disadorna". It is due to the devotion and munificence of the counts Girolamo and Sigismondo Brandolini-Rota that financed and realised the new construction, also giving profit and the necessary sums to furnish it. The setting of the first stone dates to 19th March 1855 and the ancient patron associated the devotion to the Immaculate, to promote the worship after the solemn proclamation of the principle on 18th December 1854. The building is in neoclassical style, on a sole and wide aisle. In the interior, on the ceiling, the fresco by Giovanni De Min "The Proclamation of the Dogma on the Immaculate Conception" is shown. In the first chapel, there is the funeral monument of count Girolamo F. Brandolini-Rota on the right. To the left of the altar, there is the funeral stone of the sculptor Paolo Possamai. The abundance of the decorations and furniture of this church constitutes an example of unusual executive coherence that testifies as - to the middle of 800 - si fosse formed a particular taste for the mixture and cohabitation of styles very different between them, but coordinated, without force and with clear projectual order. The major part of the furnishing was executed by the Possamai and Fontana, families of artists that lived in Solighetto for generations, though also working for Italian and foreign order. The presence of various laboratory artists (sculptor, cabinet making, foundary) gave the nickname "culla dell'arte" to Solighetto. The bell tower was erected between 1858 and 1862.
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