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Route: Marca Storica

Sito Via Claudia Augusta presso casa Breda

Sito Via Claudia Augusta presso casa Breda
In the year 46-47 a.C., Emperor Claudio constructed Claudia Augusta Road that had already been "marked out" around the year 15 b.C. by his father Druso Maggiore. One of the road layouts, was a road 350 roman miles long (about 518 kilometres). It went from Altino to the Adriatic sea, and more extensively from the river Po to the river Danubio. The inside of the debate(can be noticed on various supposed drawings) of the road's univocity and unitariness, did not have distinct roads or even a trace in common with subsequent ones, but only one starting from Altino. Claudia Augusta Road reached the river Piave to the east of Nervesa della Battaglia overcoming it by a "prepared" ford( probably by a wooden "drawn up" bridge). It passed along the left bank of the river to Col fosco di Susegana, giving life to a marked out road, served by a good number of six roman small bridges, that ended up with a road that from Oderzo, maybe already in operation from the late republican period.
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