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Route: Marca Storica

Ponte della Priula sul fiume Piave

Ponte della Priula sul fiume Piave
Vista del fiume Piave dal Ponte della Priula
The area surrounding the river Piave was noticed by the roman colonization and during the imperial age the land was crossed by two important artery roads: Claudia Augusta and Opitergium-Feltria-Tridentum. The Romans also constructed bridges to cross over the numerous streams there. The postal road construction Treviso- Conegliano (now Main Road N..13), dating back to Napoleon's rule, passed across the bridge over Piave called "della Priula". The bridge derives its name from the aristocratic noble birth of the venetians Priuli, among whom were included various Lords of Treviso and three Doges. It was first constructed in wood, and the Priula bridge witnessed the invasion of Unni, Goti, Longobardi, Carlo V's armies, and was burnt entirely by the French in 1807. It was just starting from the 1900's, that the bridge was completely reconstructed in stone and cement, only to be partly destroyed in the course of World War I during Caporetto's withdrawal. Construction of the Venice-Vienna railway in 1885, made it necessary to build a further bridge.
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