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Veduta del centro abitato - Campanile

Veduta del centro abitato - Campanile
The ancient "Da Camino" Tower, the most ancient building that testifies the medieval history of Moriago, dated in the XII century, period in which a structure with military character was founded in which big family feuds affirm themselves. Opposed to the walled city, fortresses or military presides distributed on the arch of the hills, the cities on the plain, from which the big warrior families were born in the area like the Collalto and the Da Camino (leading to the construction of the tower). They were economic centers protected by a "tower" as an element of control and sighting of the most important points crossing the Piave. Historic events then followed; the diffusion of new war techniques in the XVI century brought the abandon and degradation of the old fortifications or to a function change in the bell tower of the church. The latter happened to the Da Camino tower until the first decades of the 1900 period, in which, following the wartime destructions, the tower was polled and a new bell tower was built. Following the wartime events of 15-18 that were already cited, the earthquake in 1936 and of a lack of maintenance, some ruins of the Tower remained that measure 16.70 m. in the highest part by 1.5 m.
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