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Route: Marca Storica

Castelli di Monfumo

There is no current evidence of existing fortifications, but according to the tradition, the Castle (or better, the two castles, as suggested by the name) should be located on the site where the Church of St George and Adalbert stands today, together with the church courtyard and other buildings. This is also confirmed by the presence of the funerary board of Baldo da Castelli on the side of the church. According to a tradition (which however could not be verified), the 18th-century bell tower would stand on the remnants of a tower. During recent excavation works in the Church of St George, the late-renaissance or modern foundations of the building were found. On the outside, the church features a tombstone with a funerary inscription dedicated to Baldo and Agnese da Castelli, who were buried there; indeed, in the Middle Ages the church was used as a family funerary chapel. The fortified hills of Monfumo are scattered with panoramic lookouts, traditional architecture, stately mansions and nature trails.
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