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Municipio e Chiesa arcipretale

Municipio e Chiesa arcipretale
The present archdeaconry church built in substitution of the previous one, by then falling into ruin, was due to Monsignor Sigismondo IX Brandolini -Rota, at the age when he still was not Bishop of Ceneda but only archdeacon of Miane. Project of the architect Giuseppe Segusini di Feltre, it began in 1874 and was completed in 1878 and consecrated in the same year. It has a sole aisle with 4 lateral chapels. Two beautiful angels by the sculptor Antonio Bianchi of Follina enrich the complex altar-tabernacle. Of particular value are some paintings attributed to Egidio dall'Oglio of Cison of Valmarino. The Bell Tower always remained the same during the course of the centuries and his typical architecture to towers is impressive. A Callido organ is of particular value.
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