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Route: Marca Storica

Villa Gera Minucci, Bellati a Campea

Villa Gera Minucci, Bellati a Campea
It was originally a country villa in the vicinity of agricultural companies and it was used as a holiday home for a long time, before it became the permanent office of a branch of the noble Bellati di Feltre. It was already a large noble house in the XVII century and erected by the nobles Gera of Candide (Comelico). However, it was built in two periods: the first part of the building was erected between 1500-1600 whereas the main southeast façade was completely in '700. The villa is composed of two wings that join together in a corner towards the south. The main view is looking towards the south and it is also repeated on the opposite side. Surrounded by a high and robust wall, the villa possesses a delicious tree-lined orchard that gives it a patriarchal look.
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