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Il Castello

Resti del muro del castello di Maser
The information regarding the castle of Maser date back to year 1200: that year the bishop of Belluno, after a military alliance, yielded to the town of Treviso the rights on the castle of Maser. By various notarial deeds regarding the passage of property of the castle, we can understand how the castle was refurbished: a castle wall inside which another fortification was established, the "dongione", including a tower, a palace and a house, residence of the lord. Separated by the dongione were the "canipe", that is deposit for various goods, where nearby farmers could safely store their goods. Infact it was inside the walls that people would find shelter during assault times. Today the remains of a stone made cistern can be recognised on the eastern edge of the land. In the old topographical maps, the castle site was identified by the name "Colle Castellaro", north-west of Barbaro Villa; while at west Castellaro Hill is protected by the steep Calmoreggio Valley, toward east it has no natural defence: that is why two deep ditches were digged to make it inaccessible.
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