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Palazzo Bernardi a Follina

Palazzo Bernardi a Follina
Follina's main attractions include the Palace of the Abbott Jacopo Bernardi (1813-1897), a man of science and religion, but also a writer, a patriot and a professor. The 18th-century horseshoe-shaped building, at the end of Via Pallade, features a graceful central double-arched window on the façade, with low-relief balconies protected by a fence. A funerary stone framed by two rectangular windows, featuring grey stone borders, pays homage to the Abbot and bears the date of construction of the building (28th April, 1758). The inner part of the building, at the back, features a refined canopied lodge with low round arches, based on grey stone columns. A small rectangular tower stands nearby. A fragmented fresco and a shield on the gate leading to the enclosed courtyard create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Visitors may admire the building from the outside.
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